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Whether you’re looking to save energy, bolster beauty or invest your money wisely, improving your home or office’s exterior is a great way to start. The outside of your building is its first line of defense against a range of environmental and human threats, as well as the first thing friends, family and clients notice when they visit.

Home Building Solutions provides exterior enhancements to commercial and residential customers. Operating in Novi and the surrounding areas across Southeast Michigan, we keep local communities safe, efficient and surrounded by beautiful buildings.

A Range of Reliable Exterior Improvement Services

As a licensed contractor with more than 45 years of experience, Home Building Solutions, LLC has the resources and expertise to offer lasting exterior improvements. These enhancements take many forms, such as:

  • Siding Services - We install fiber cement siding, James Hardie siding and maintenance-free siding. We tailor the siding’s appearance to the shape, color and texture of your home, creating a consistent aesthetic that catches the eye of all who see it. Our Siding Services

  • Other Options - Home Building Solutions, LLC can install and renovate decks, patios, garage doors, masonry and a wide range of other exterior features and accessories

The Many Benefits of Exterior Enhancements

Renovating your building’s exterior has no shortage of benefits for you, your family or your company. These include:

  • Energy Efficiency - Siding and roofing strengthen the barrier between your building’s interior and the exterior environment, making it more difficult for outside temperatures to get in. As a result, you will not need as much energy to heat your building in the winter or cool it in the summer. This lowers both your utility bills and your ecological footprint and may make you eligible for monetary incentives.

  • Higher Property Values - By improving both the beauty and the durability of your building, exterior enhancements make the property more valuable. You never really lose the money that you spend on these renovations, but simply invest them in real estate.

  • Improved Aesthetics - A house or office with quality exterior features is more pleasant to look at, especially given Home Building Solutions, LLC’s commitment to using quality materials and holistic designs. For families, this will make you happier with your living situation; for business, it makes it easier to attract employees and clients.

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