Bathroom Remodeling

Novi, Michigan’s Go-To Bathroom Remodeling Design-Build Firm

Enhancing Your Plumbing, Cabinets and Fixtures

When it comes to relaxation, few parts of your home or office are more important than the bathroom. The greater an investment you make in the convenience and cleanliness of this room, the higher standards of hygiene and comfort will be throughout the building.

As a licensed bathroom renovation contractor in SE Michigan, Home Building Solutions, LLC brings renewed hygiene to our clients. Through professional consultation, design and installation services, we provide bathrooms that are beautiful, clean, spotless and free of hazards.

Free Consultation Services for Home & Business Bathroom Improvement

As a home or business owner, it's likely you've already thought about ways to make your restrooms cleaner and more up to date, but may not know the best way to go about it. Home Building Solutions eliminates the guesswork through our comprehensive consultation services. When you request our assistance, we send a professional renovation team to your property to examine the bathrooms, identify any sources of uncleanliness or undesired design elements and assess your options for improvement. Once we have finished the inspection, we meet directly with you, listening to your concerns and finding ways to put your vision into practice. By the end of the consultation, we will have a detailed plan to maximize the cleanliness of your bathroom, as well as its beauty, safety and convenience.

In-Depth Design & Installation Services

Once we have a plan to improve your bathroom, we waste no time bringing those ideas to life. We offer quality designs and careful installation for all major bathroom components, including:

  • Fixtures - Critical to both the beauty of the bathroom and your ability to use it conveniently, fixtures come in many shapes and brands. We offer a wide array of options for replacing and enhancing these key pieces.

  • Plumbing - Whether you seek to save water or raise the standards of cleanliness, it’s important to have a plumbing system that works efficiently. Not only can we shore up your plumbing, but we also obtain any permits you need for these improvements from the relevant SE Michigan authorities.

  • Flooring - By improving the quality of your flooring, you reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall accident while also making the bathroom easier to clean. We install flooring in a myriad of different designs and materials.

  • Cabinets & Countertops - We carry countertops in quartz, granite, marble and a range of other beautiful, sturdy materials. Our cabinets are durable, easy to open and offer all of the space you need for convenient storage!

When obtaining new cabinets and flooring materials, Home Building Solutions goes directly to the manufacturer. This allows us to keep the price of our services low without sacrificing quality. By the time we have finished our work, you will have a bathroom that is not only beautiful and accessible, but will remain in good condition for decades to come. Combined with the room’s renewed beauty and its effect on your property value, this makes our services one of the wisest investments you can make in your home or business.

For more on renovating your bathroom and other key parts of your property, contact Home Building Solutions at (248) 471-3800 today!